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I'm Neal Sáles-Griffin. I hope to be your next mayor.

I’m running to create an inclusive and welcoming city that we’re all proud to call home. Right now, Chicago isn’t working for everyone. Too many of my friends and family can’t afford to stay, so they move away.

I believe when you pay your taxes you should get a receipt. Once it’s clear how our government spends our money, we can talk about where it should go.

Our kids deserve their best chance at success, so we must invest more in neighborhood schools.

We all deserve affordable housing options in Chicago. We need more rent controlled housing and to provide meaningful job opportunities and training programs so more people can afford to live here.

In order to end gun violence in Chicago, we need to fund holistic evidence-based solutions that treat the root causes of crime, not just the symptoms.

To lift up our city, we need to elect leaders with diverse perspectives and innovative mindsets who will be champions for all Chicagoans.

As Mayor, I will take Chicago’s problems home with me at night; the consequences of Chicago’s disconnected leadership have affected me, my family, and my friends every day. We can’t afford to wait our turn, the time to step up and serve is right now.

Together, we can build a better Chicago.

See our platform

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